One Virtual Tour in One Hour!

I own Challenging Designs Inc., a Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Company in Arkansas.  I live in a resort/retirement/gated community, so a lot of the agents are dealing mainly with retirement age sellers.  As one agent told me, “selling technology to the “older generation” (he’s 68) is a tough sale.”

I attended last week’s webinar with Ben and although I’ve built HD virtual tours and love them, I did see them as time consuming.  THANK YOU BEN!  I have downloaded Faststone – resizing software, and it has made my life SO much easier.  I just put together a standard tour and as Mike suggested before, “This is FREE HD Virtual Tour Month”, but I didn’t look forward to the time to optimize.

I use Photoshop and batch them, but it is still “timely”.  Well after downloading and setting up Faststone, I was hooked.  After cleaning up the ones that needed it, I optimized them two ways – one for the MLS and one for HD (separate folders of course).  All said and done it took me 1 hour to clean up, optimize, build and load the virtual tour, then add HD.  You guys make building virtual tours so fast and so much fun!!  It was fantastic!  Thank you again. Also looking forward to your new virtual tour software that’s all online coming out next month!

P.S. I’m getting the new Adobe Creative Suites (Photoshop 5) in the first delivery, so I’ll let you know if it is the improvement/time saver they claim. 

Thank you again Ben, Jason and RTV!

Donna Bigg
Photographer/Graphic Designer
Challenging Designs Inc.
Hot Springs Village Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 501.922.8009

**Newest Product:  Interactive Floor Plans now available for addition to Virtual Tours and Listing Information.