Killer Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces

Each month we strive to help you become more efficient and better connected to existing and potential customers. Our marketing pieces are easily customizable and typically just require you to insert your specific company information and logo. We recommend using Vistaprint for postcard printing and other printing needs. They seem to have fast service and extremely great rates. Take a moment to read the text through and make sure your company can deliver the services delineated. If you can’t or don’t know how to provide a service such a bird’s eye view shots or nighttime stills, contact us and we can set you in the right direction. If you have an idea for a piece, suggestions, or want to see something in the next few months send me an e-mail.  Best wishes, Jill K.
This month I wanted to highlight our amazing Virtual Home Staging  technology. Now more than ever commercial and residential properties on the market are vacant and empty. Our Virtual Staging technology is amazing, extremely affordable, and effective. Let all of your clients know that you can provide this new service for them immediately!
This winter a provider contacted me regarding a marketing piece targeted towards assisted living and retirement communities. This piece does just that. This really is a growing market and one that is ideal for a virtual tour. Keep in mind that personally visiting numerous properties of this type might be difficult for an older adult. It only takes a few minute to customize all of our marketing pieces. Simply insert your company name and contact information and you are set to go!

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