Is iPhone Your Solution?

Is an iphone your solution? Recently I was reading an article by Erika Christopher on the use of an i-phone to try to improve the look of a house. Even though she mentions a set of available software to fulfill these objectives, there are some obvious difficulties on it.

•1.      First it is obvious you need not only an iphone but an specific  provider that provides these services.
•2.      It really does not cover the possibility of room staging.
•3.      You will not capture and receive immediate feedback on your phone when a prospect contacts your listing.
•4.      It does not allow you to improve the SEO of your website by social networking.

All these can be solved by using virtual tours and the other services provide by Virtual Florida Tours.
Our virtual tours allow you to increase your SEO since they offer automatic social networking, and by a small extra payment you may obtain a complete virtual staging of any room of your listing, or receive immediate feedback in up to 10 listings for only 29 dollars per month.

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Gabriel Duque
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