iReact Media on Virtual Tour Preparation

iReact Media produces 360° virtual tours in Wilkes-Barre and all over Northeast PA (also known as NEPA). Whether you choose iReact Media or another company, here are some things to consider when preparing for your virtual tour.

You’ve ordered your Wilkes-Barre virtual tour and now it’s time to get things ready. Prior to having your virtual tour produced it’s nice to give some basic information about the property and neighborhood. Let your virtual tour photographer know the little things that make this property unique. For example, there is a beautiful view of the sunrise/sunset from “this location” or this room is a definite for a 360° spin.

Also, you should let your Realtor or the photographer know if there are any items/valuables or rooms that you do not wish to have included in the virtual tour. For example, some homeowners are not comfortable having their family photos or portraits captured in the virtual tour. Simply move these photos or ask to have them removed in the post production process.

The scheduling of your Wilkes-Barre virtual tours is dependent on various factors; the weather, homeowner schedule and Realtor schedule (iReact Media strives for tours to be photographed within 72 hours of being ordered, but it is not always possible due to such factors). Don’t be afraid of rain though! A regular rainy day can add an artistic marketing element that will help set your property apart. Check the weather for the upcoming week to determine a good day.

Clean up the outside. You don’t need to hire a landscaper, just make sure the grass is cut, toys, bags of garbage are removed or out of sight. First impressions are important and presentation is the key. The little things really can make a difference. For example, hose down the siding and walkways to remove pollen, dirt, or winter grime. Pull some weeds, turn some mulch, and break out the leaf blower.

Obviously, you want to make sure the interior is clean. Don’t feel overwhelmed. You would be doing these same tasks to prepare for your regular open house. If you have any questions, comments or would like to schedule a virtual tour, please contact iReact Media at (570) 262-9843

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