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Before becoming a virtual tour provider with RTV, Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours, I was a graphic designer as well as a video editor for my own company, I.C. Graphics and Design/Production, providing graphics and video solutions to my customers and clients and I also had a job with a large major company back in 2006 that let me go in September of 2009.  The employment scene was looking pretty dismal when one day after talking to a very good friend and client about making a virtual tour for him for one of his real estate properties the search began for a software company that could help me produce a virtual tour.

In my quest to find the right virtual tour software to produce a virtual tour I found RTV (www.realtourvision.com) on the internet, a Michigan based virtual tour company.  I did not research just one or two, I researched all the companies that had virtual tour software that produced virtual tours but I found that nothing compared to the virtual tour software and services that RTV provides.  What drew me to RTV was the people and the willingness to address all my questions providing me with materials to read, testimonies to listen to, and they gave me permission to contact some of their RTV providers in different areas of the country.  I first spoke to Michael Thompson (www.realvisionstudio.com) a Detroit Virtual Tour Company going on 9 yrs.  Michael gave me a true blue approach to all my questions and conveyed to me as a provider for RTV that he really enjoyed being a RTV provider, which was really important to me, since there was a time in my life when I hated what type of work I did and swore that I would never again be doing something that I did not love to do.  Mike also said “What other company can you invest a small about of money in that will net you a substantial yearly income of over $50 to $100K a year?”

I also spoke to Nancy Bain (www.supernovastudios.ca) a producer of Nova Scotia Virtual Tours in Canada. Nancy is a wonderful, informative young lady with a zeal for RTV and RTV services.  Both being in the graphic design business we connected on a real level of understanding.  She said something to me about RTV that really sealed it for me regarding my decision to become a RTV provider.  She said, I quote, “RTV has your back”, after asking what she meant by that she responded, “If another person decides to join as a RTV provider in your market area RTV will check with you first to see if their location will affect your bottom line and in turn they will not be able to become a RTV provider. Instead RTV will recommend you and your services to them for their virtual tour needs.

I have discovered that RTV is truly interested in our success as an RTV provider and committed to each one of us to become that success, providing us with wonderful virtual tour Webinars, Marketing Materials, Tools and Resources at our finger tips besides all that, we have some wonderful services to offer our customers such as Virtual Home Staging, 2d and 3d Floor Plans, High Definition Virtual Tours, Inventory Virtual Tours and many Other Services offered. How can anyone not become successful with an RTV virtual tour business.

I want to thank Mike and Nancy the RTV providers, and Jason LaVanture for making my decision to join RTV as a provider a non-pressured yet informative, easy decision to make. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company along with all the wonderful providers across the country.  A big influence in making my life changing decision to becoming a provider was the testimonials from the other RTV providers, they are great!  I just love being a RTV provider!

Vicki Tuttle/owner
Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours
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