New RTV Virtual Tour provider Websites

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to the RTV provider Site Program? If you watched the Formula 25 webinar, then you already heard about and saw the first phase, the Agent Site Program, that’s about to roll out next week. Offer your real estate or developer clients a website they can manage on their own, for the same price ($250) you get your virtual tour provider site for. Wait, there’s more though!

You will get five tour credits for getting your agents to sign up!

Your agents will get a totally editable site that will include:

• Searchable listings

• Featured listings

• Changeable templates and colors

• Unlimited pages!

• They can order their virtual tours from YOU right from within their site’s editor

• And best of all, those tours will then AUTOMATICALLY import into their site

The second phase, provider Site 2.0; a total re-vamping of the provider Site Program!

This second phase is expected to roll out near the end of May. Current provider Site Program members will automatically get the new upgrade for FREE!!!! providers will get the same upgraded content management system that the agents are about to get above. New providers who sign up will get it right from the start, and existing members will be phased into the upgrade. Existing provider Site Program members will get all their current information on their existing site automatically imported into their new site layout.

All provider sites will then have:

• Totally editable pages site-wide

• Changeable templates and colors

• Unlimited pages!

• All new tours will be (optionally) AUTOMATICALLY imported directly into your site. No more manually uploading images and linking them to your tours!

Watch the Formula 25 webinar from your business resource center to see what this all looks like and learn more about it. And watch for further updates right here when the two phases of this program upgrade are rolled out.

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