I’m not Kinderlackin!

Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten. We all know that saying, right? Well, being a Virtual Tour Success is just a matter of playing an old kindergarten game, really. Remember Follow the Leader? Well, I just finished following yet another great tip from one of our leaders in the RTV family, Ben, after another awesome virtual tour webinar about fast stitching of panoramic scenes. 

I practiced the photo stitching software steps Ben demonstrated in his latest webinar for speed stitching and had simply fabulous results. I finished 5 pans in the time it was taking me to simply get the pictures organized before! I am going to utilize this program along with the FastStone Image Viewer steps for rapid group resizing to get my tours completed quickly and effectively. As a new RTV family virtual tour provider, it can be easy to let the large amount of information overwhelm you while building your business.  So I decided to make a game of it. The game is Follow the Leader. I looked around for the leading virtual tour providers, the old hands as well as the newest RTV people to see who was standing out.

I quickly found Nancy Bain with Nova Scotia virtual tours and Alan Fon with Corpus Christi virtual tours to name two. I keep finding more daily! I looked to see what these people are doing and of course noted the steps and followed their lead. This is a tremendous time and money saver!

I also followed the steps outlined in the Inner Circle on Rock Pointe Marketing. I would like to point out that fellow RTV providers are always willing to help out and tell you how they do something…what works and what doesn’t. 

So how is this working out? Well, in just a few short months, I am number one on Active Rain for my area and I am featured! I am climbing daily on the Google lists and I am ready to publish my first virtual tour for a very cute local grocery store. I have a deal on four warehouse properties in the making and it looks like one apartment owner will want to use the new virtual staging options soon. Not bad for playing a simple game of Follow the Leader(s). It’s really fun!!

Seriously, it is said that the way to success is to surround yourself with successful people and do what they do. Follow the leaders. Share. Be positive. Keep learning. Grow more every day. See? Everything thing we need to know we did learn in kindergarten.

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Buffy Crosby
Virtual Tour Success
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