Going FSBO? Good Luck With That!

So you have decided to sell your home yourself.  Good for you and good luck! For many For Sale By Owners they think the only thing you need to do is put a sign out front and wait for people to come calling and sell the home.  They would probably also put an ad in the local newspaper.  10 years ago that probably would have worked.

I know it worked for me 3 years ago….right before the housing market started to struggle.  I got lucky in that I found a buyer who needed to buy a home and wanted to buy in my town. In the end everything worked out great and we found a buyer but did you know that almost 90% of people who try to sell their home themselves will fail and end up either staying put or hiring a Realtor?

The problem now a days is that the Internet has become the most important part of the puzzle.  Although in reality this evens the playing field for FSBOs against Realtors.  Now buyers who are willing to purchase a FSBO listed home can find them right on the computer and go look at them. But the problem is that many FSBOs don’t put their homes on the Internet.  My question would be…why not?

The stats are clear….
In 2009 about 50% of FSBO homes were advertised online….and yet….90% of home buyers were using the Internet to search for homes and 17% of those people were looking at FSBO sites. So basically 15 of every 100 buyers look at FSBO sites when looking for homes to buy.  If you aren’t on those sites you are missing a lot of views!!

Maybe you don’t know what you need to do.  Well we here at Harrisburg Virtual Tours can help you with that.  We will not only do a professional 360 virtual tour of your home that you can share online but we will also push the listing to multiple sites (YouTube, Craigslist, Facebook, and more) so that when people look online they find your listing.

Now don’t get me wrong offline promotion is still VERY important.  And we do that to as well as a combination of efforts.  First of all you should ABSOLUTELY have a tube or something next to your For Sale sign to hold flyer’s giving more information on your home.  Make sure those flyer’s are compelling and give the information people want.

Yesterday I stopped at a couple FSBOs and grabbed some flyer’s and one of the flyer’s I got didn’t have ANY PICTURES!  To this person I mention this…. OVER 80% of buyers say that the more pictures the better when looking online.

Surely they mean offline to on flyer’s and postcards.  People who are grabbing your flyer want to know what the home looks like inside…not just how you describe it. But at least that person had flyer’s in the tube.  I would say of the 20+ FSBOs I drove by yesterday only about half even had a tube and of those only 4 or 5 had anything in them.

Do you realize how many buyers you could be missing out on by not having something out front for people to take??  Many people won’t even remember where the house was and surely they might forget the phone number to call.  A lot of the buyers you will find are told about a property by someone else who saw a sign and those people (because they aren’t the ones looking) aren’t writing down numbers or addresses BUT they would grab a flyer.

Harrisburg Virtual Tours will create professional flyer’s that offer a description of the property as well as photos of the home.  If you want to be in the 10% of successful FSBOs then you need to take advantage of ALL the tools available to you.  By hiring Harrisburg Virtual Tours and one of our FSBO virtual tour packages you will be doing that.  From professional photography, virtual tours, professional flyer’s, single property websites, and plenty more we will help you sell your home WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

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