Facebook is Serious Business!

Facebook Is Serious Business!Don’t get caught up in the games!


Fellow RTV Virtual Tour providers,

Your time is precious and the busy season for virtual tour production is upon us! How are you spending your time? Greetings from Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios. http://www.supernovastudios.ca Your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider, fellow provider and RTV family member.

I’ve been very fortunate to connect with many of you already on facebook. Each time I add a fellow RTV virtual tour provider, I file you to a “special” place on my Friends List I have created called RTV providers.

I have close to 700 friends on facebook. Each “friend” is filed to a certain list. Ex- high school, family, friends, RTV providers, Social Media, Real Estate, and one I simply call Networking.

I discipline myself to one hour per day networking on facebook. Please visit my fan page at http://www.facebook.com/NovaScotiaVirtualTours For many of you, you do not have that much time (and that’s a good thing) but typically, I spend 20 minutes first thing in the morning (then CLOSE facebook), and the rest of the time in the evening on my “off” time.

My email inbox is constantly open and downloads email automatically. I get notifications all day long via my inbox from facebook. I will (quickly) read the notification and decide if it is worth interrupting my work to respond to. I respond to all friend requests immediately with a thank you “inbox” (which I have saved and copy and paste) telling them my story. I explain that I am an RTV provider and producer of Nova Scotia virtual tours. I’m certain to let them know that I offer 360 degree, full screen high definition virtual tours that will rank organically on google and can be shared through social media platforms. I tell them my passion is social media that I offer a social ignition e-course at my site they are welcome to participate in.

Facebook for me is about two things. Networking and Learning. I only read newsfeed information from these lists: RTV providers, Social Media, Real Estate and Networking. Organize your friends into “lists” so that you can concentrate on what is important in the newsfeed and not waste time on the rest of it.

Networking: I spend half my twenty minutes networking and engaging people. I wish happy birthday’s, I comment on photos, and status updates (from the above lists) and from the fan pages that I have chosen to “like”.

Learning: I DO NOT “LIKE” RANDOM PAGES. They clog up my newsfeed and waste my time. I only “like “ pages that will supply me with valuable industry related information. And I comment on these pages too. THAT is where the friend requests are coming from that I file under “networking”. These are LIKE MINDED people in the industry who have a passion for: photography, social media, real estate, etc. Some of these people/pages offer valuable insight or tips that is related to OUR BUSINESS.

Facebook can be addictive. Which brings me to the point of this blog. If you are playing games on facebook, chatting with friends, and not using it as a business tool. You are wasting your valuable time and your business will slow because of this.

Here is a tip if your newsfeed is clogged with constant “game” notifications: “On your regular News Feed, you can weed out the updates from farming, organized crime, vampire, or casual games your friends are playing. Just move the mouse cursor to the end of the first line from an update from say, Mafia Wars, and click the Hide button that appears. A box pops up giving you the option to either hide game updates (or the friend) from your News Feed.”

A better way to do this is by organizing your “friends” in to lists and only following those “worth” following.

If you aren’t sure how to organize your friends into lists, or if you have any questions related to facebook, please be sure to “like” my page at http://www.supernovastudios.ca and post any questions you have there. I answer all questions within 24 hours.

I’m spending my time on facebook networking and learning. I hope you are too. Don’t get caught up in the games and pointless time wasted.  If you do I’m sure you competitors will be thanking you all the way to the bank!

Your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider,
Nancy Bain
Supernova Studios
Order a virtual tour: 902-543-2185