The Efficacy of Virtual Tours

A couple of recent incidents have prompted me to write this blog to address the efficacy of virtual tours and what they do and do not do.  Recently, a good client of mine over heard an associate of his make the comment “Virtual Tours don’t work”. Then has a tenant of a house that is for sale, I have had the opportunity to observe multiple Realtors show the home to perspective buyers. Observing these Realtors made me realize what the aforementioned associate may have meant and subsequently thought a Virtual Tour should do. While I observed the Realtors showing my house, I was struck by the total lack of salesmanship the Realtors showed.

While sales are an art, it doesn’t take a master salesperson to show a house and point out all of the positive aspects of a home. None of the Realtors that showed the home did this; they just let the buyers walk through the home as if there was no real intention to sell the home. One Realtor didn’t even come in the home because of “remove shoes requirement”!??

So what is expected of a Virtual Tour? Perhaps the comment that “Virtual Tours don’t work” inferred that Virtual Tours are supposed to SELL the home. Well that’s probably the biggest Virtual Tour misconception around.  What a Virtual Tour is, is a very valuable tool, maybe the most valuable in a box full of tools available to Realtors to sell their properties. The fact is Realtors sell homes, Realtors that use all available media to showcase and market their listings. Virtual tours offer incredible marketing opportunities that simply were not available to the realtor or the consumer just 10 years ago. The use of a virtual tour simply increases your market penetration to bring you more leads for the property and for yourself. Your presentation on the internet is very important to both buyers and sellers and can mean the difference between a new lead and missed opportunity.

Everyone knows what social networking can do for a real estate agent and this is evidenced by the high percentage of new business that comes from referrals. The question is, would you send a new referral a handwritten and crumpled business card or would you send them a presentation that speaks volumes of you and demonstrates your command of marketing tools that are significantly different from what other agents are offering. Fish eye spinners, dark pictures, unprofessional virtual tours and ineffective marketing can leave a lasting impression on your referral business. A properly-distributed, professionally-produced virtual tour brings you more leads from a world-wide network of resources and frees you up to follow-up on those leads. This gives you a major advantage over the competition that has yet to comprehend the difference between saving time and saving money.

DragonFly 360 Imaging has been shooting Albuquerque virtual tours for the past 2 years and we have recently launched HD Full Screen Tours into our vast arsenal of marketing tools available to Realtors. Call today to book your Virtual Tour today and ask about additional services available and our special offer available until the end of April.

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