Calgary Virtual Tours | The Barry Blick Story

I started my virtual tour business in 2005.  My REALTOR had just sold our home and he became my first V tour customer.  I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for work that I really enjoyed doing. 

In order to build the virtual tour company though, I had to get organized.  That meant creating an image for my company with a logo, stationery, business cards, and flyers.  That took a little time, but it’s really worth it.  First impressions are important. 

The other is to talk to REALTORS; go to their offices, and try to meet with the manager so you can attend a Monday morning meeting.  Most offices do that and they often have a guest who can inform REALTORS about some service or product.  The main thing, I believe, is not to tell them what YOU do, but you can do for THEM.  Let’s face it, in this market, especially in the U.S., REALTORS have to do everything they can to market a property.  Jason LaVanture, the vice-president of RTV, works very hard to put together marketing, instructional and technical virtual tour webinars that keep us all informed of the latest developments.

Start up, including logo, stationery, incorporation, accounting preparation such as credit card acceptance, bank account, etc., took about 6 weeks.  You can start making money right away, but you have to know how to record where your income is coming from and where it’s going!  

I have worked for 250 different REALTORS, but I have a core group of about 50 good listing agents who continually recommend my virtual tour services to others.  This year, I’m getting one new client a week!  I shoot retirement homes for a seniors organization, and a couple of builders.  I also participate in RTV’s Tour Track program which gives me additional income shooting properties of international virtual tour accounts, such as Best Western, Holiday Retirement, Choice Hotels, Outback Steakhouse and more.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice of virtual tour company.  I don’t mean to sound overly exuberant, but the people at RTV really are a fantastic group.

One person told me that you will never have all your ducks in a row.  So fire at the ducks now and aim later.  If you love photography, you will be happy with RTV and virtual tour photography!


Barry Blick
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