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Are you using Aweber email system? Want to learn exactly how you can burn a feed to all of the realtors in your area like I do at BlueLaVaMedia?

Have you ever wondered if email marketing was really worth the time and energy? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and even if you already consider yourself to be an expert on email marketing you should join us on The FORMULA 29 – Email Marketing and List Building.

I will be interviewing Mike Thompson from and extracting some of his best kept secrets on how to build BIG precise email lists, how to design and structure your message, the best time to send emails and how you can do this all for free using nothing but a little bit of your time.

Email is not dead and even if this show gets you one more customer it will be well worth your time and attendance. See you there next week!

Sign up now in your TMS!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 7 PM EDT

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Dear RTV,

A BIG THANK YOU!!  Thank you for your interest in my success as a provider of Southern Michigan virtual tours. I am, and will continue to working hard each and every day to become the #1 source for interactive 360 virtual tours in my Lenawee and Monroe County area.

Your virtual tour support is awesome!  The virtual tour webinars are great!!  I have gained a wealth of information from the events  like your search engine optimization tips, social networking tips, link building tips, blogging tips, marketing tips, new virtual tour software technology updates from you, offers and more!

I have been able to apply most all and am offering True To Life, Cost Effective and Hassle Free 360 Interactive Virtual Tours In 48hrs. Satisfaction Guaranteed. The tools I include in most my virtual tour shots are my Exposure Engine, which includes posting to all recognized sites, a Smart Phone Tour, an E-Flyer, and a YouTube Video, and I also offer a FREE HD Full Screen upgrades, a Free SEO Guide, and of course my FREE 12 week Social Ignition course

Also every time I produce a virtual tour I add it to my new virtual tour portal found at (check it out!) along with an email feed that gets sent out when I add a brand new listing tours for subscribers to look at!

My current virtual tour clients are very pleased with the quality of product and services that they receive and I am building quite a nice book of testimonials from them.  Hopefully by building these strong relationships along with effective marketing strategy (Jason, there’s a suggestion for a webinar – effective virtual tour marketing) my business will continue to grow.

Hanging with the best, started with RTV.  Talking about hanging with the best,  I tried to sign up for your monthly e-News letter but all I got last month was a feed from your portal site.  Are you still sending out monthly newsletters?  Did I go to the wrong place on your website (bottom left side)?  Can I get your monthly e-Newsletters?

Thanks again for your continued support,

Hal Holubik
Tours D’ Forc
Lenawee County Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 517-486-4209

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Got Vacant Listings? You might decide to accomplish a complete remodeling and decoration of the house which can become rather expensive. If you decide to remodel or decorate remember you are doing it for the general public. Do not forget to draft a budget and look for a professional remodeler to help plan the project. Check his/her references and check the contract before you do anything else.

After that the first step is to paint the outside. Do not crowd the room should only cover 30% of each room, anything else will make the room look too cluttered.  Do not place drapes or open them you need as much light as possible in all the rooms. The real problem of this solution is that it is extremely expensive.

Virtual Florida Tours is very pleased to announce our all new virtual home staging product. We will take any unfurnished room and stage it to your taste and style for only $60.00. You’re able to choose the furniture from our online furniture library. Ordering virtual staging for one of your properties can be done by giving us a call from the number below anytime!

Home staging is frequently employed by homeowners and real estate agents to help show properties to their best advantage. We all know that a staged home shows better than an empty home. As wonderful as traditional home staging is there are some drawbacks.

This is where virtual home staging really shines. Virtual home staging is the process of taking digital photos of empty rooms and inserting digital furniture, window treatments, and other decorations.

The attributes of each property are enhanced by the staging, rather than showcasing the taste of the homeowner. Virtual home staging costs a fraction of a physical staging and is a great tool to help showcase the home to prospective buyers. Most people looking for a home search the internet first and having a beautifully decorated home captures the interest of buyers and motivates them to schedule a showing with a real estate agent. Photos of empty homes are not as impressive as a staged home and may not help a potential buyer make an emotional connection to the property. Start virtually staging your vacant homes today!
Are you ready to start showing your listing totally decorated?

South Florida Virtual Tours

Order Virtual Staging Today: 305 331 8960

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We started our Grand Junction Virtual Tour Company in the summer of 2005, now almost five years ago, and found a quick response to our photography and virtual tour technology. We’ve been full time since then, and added website development to the mix of services to spread the exposure to the real estate market about three years ago.

The timing was good, as our photo and virtual tour business has taken a big hit the last 18 months, due to the economy and realtor’s cash flow. We still have a good core of dedicated clients, but most of the fringe players have gone away.

Bottom line is, how much money do you want to make? Then figure out what you can charge for a competitive product/service. Then it becomes a math calculation, how many projects do you need to do to generate the cash flow you need? And how many prospects do you need to have to get that many ‘yes’s’.

RTV Virtual Tour Software and staff has been great support, adding virtual tour features and technological support to make having our 360 tour business easier and more fun (and profitable). Any business success depends on how hard you are willing to hussle, GO FOR IT!

Marc E Terrien, Owner-President
thin air web & media
Grand Junction Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 888.921.4335

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GoToWebinar is back on line and we’re ready unleash our Setting up Shop webinar for another round. If you’ve somehow been sleeping under a rock lately you might have missed this message.  Next week we’ve got a full hour of action that’s sure to be filled with lots of great information. We’ll be discussing how to generate virtual tour sales for new or existing virtual tour companies.

You’ve got your website in place, you’ve got your business cards made, your bank account is open, your prices are set, and now you’re ready to start making some money. Literally anyone will benefit by attending this show.

The usual suspects (Alan Fon, Mike Thompson and myself) will be hosting the show along with a couple of our latest RTV power players, Jane Jones from and John Montgomery from

Please join us on this episode of The FORMULA with this great group of panelists to hear how you can start generating sales for your company.

The FORMULA 28 – Setting up Shop 3, The Secret of Sales May 25th at 6:00 Eastern.
Jason LaVanture
VP / Founder
RTV, Inc
Alan Fon
Island Digital Images
Jane Jones
  Virtual Texas 360
Mike (The Godfather) Thompson
Real Vision Studio
John Montgomery
Alaska 360 Tours

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