We LOVE RTV High Definition Full Screen

Hi Jason,

We are planning to expand our British Columbia virtual tour company real soon. In fact we are looking for more virtual tour photographers in other areas like Kelowna, all of Lower Mainland, Whistler, Squamish, Chilliwack, etc,. so if you will get any interest please let us know right away.

This coming week we will be purchasing 200 tours to take advantage of your 200 for 50 FREE. You guys are awesome! Our clients are thrilled with our new HD Full Screen tours, so we are ALL heading in the right direction! It really does make a difference! Our competition can’t say that we don’t have what they have anymore. The quality is AMAZING.

We just hired a new virtual tour photographer to work with us here in Vancouver, BC. Thank you so very much for letting us experience this journey with all of RTV. The help and support we get is just beyond what we ever expect it to be!

Best Regards,

Inna Kozar