A Rottweiler and Eight Days of House Hunting

This is a Three-Part Blog Leading Up To The Launch of a Colorado Springs Virtual Tour Company. It’s okay, go ahead and ask yourself the question.  I know I did.  What does a Rottweiler and eight days of house hunting have to do with virtual tours and Real Tour Vision

My wife is military and while she was deployed in the Gulf, she was notified of orders to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Well if you know anything about the military you don’t do much about a military move where money is concerned because the time you buy that dream house or find that perfect place to rent, your orders are going to chance and you will have wasted a bunch of time and money.

Moving the blog along, when we knew the assignment was a lock and not changing, we called base housing to get placed on the base housing waiting list.  Much to our dismay, the company that owns the base housing on Peterson AFB informed us that our Chester (the Rottweiler) is of a dangerous breed and not welcome in base housing.  We went on to learn that most apartment buildings do not welcome dangerous breed dogs either. After consulting with several individuals, we decided we’d go ahead and buy because giving up a member of the family because he wasn’t wanted in base housing or in rental property just wasn’t an option.

We arrived in Colorado Springs on February 22 and my wife found out that our eight days of house hunting would start on February 25th.  Our real estate gave us a task of looking at about 80 MLS listings to narrow the search down to 15-20 properties within our price range and area we wanted to look at. Half of the listings from the MLS had three pictures or less.  My wife was furious with the listings and she had a valid point.   Without those pictures, there is no point to consider the listing.  After all, we had eight days to find a place to live.  She then hit me on the shoulder and said, “HEY, you don’t have a job.  You should take pictures for these real estate agents so I can see if I want to look at those properties or not.”  Little did she know, a seed had been planted.

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