My Journey to Virtual Tour Photography

What led me on the journey to the world of virtual tour photography?  A journey that would allow me to help people market and promote their property with virtual tours.  I spend many years just working a job, going to the office and at quitting time going home.  Just to get up and do the same thing the next day.  This is the same story most of us have lived.  A decision was made for me; my job was being moved to another state.  I like living in Florida, I like my home and friends.  I was too settled to start over, moving to a new state and continue just going to the office and at quitting time going home.  There has to be something better out there. What if I do not like it there?

This was the message, it was time to move forward and find something that I could really enjoy, where do you start?  My start involved soul searching, I was given the opportunity to start with a blank slate.  What do I enjoy?  What is important?  Is it something that I could make a living at and enjoy at the same time?  My background was insurance, my passion was photography.  Now how do you mix those together to create a profession that could be profitable financially and emotionally fulfilling?  I began with a home inventory business.  That is something that I knew was important for insurance purposes and involved photography, perfect.  Best yet it is providing a service that most people do not think about but is important.

I found the perfect opportunity, but I want more.  After researching opportunities on the internet I discovered the world of virtual tour photography.  What a wonderful tool to help people market on the internet.  There are so many services that can be included in a virtual tour to make it really stand out and be noticed.  Anything you want to sell or promote on the internet, a virtual tour is the one tool that can set you apart from everyone else.  When you want to find something, where is the first place you look; the internet of course.  What makes one site stand out over all the others?    When you find what you were searching for with clear and concise information and photos?  What better way than to display your property that the potential customer feels like they are there?

That is what a virtual tour can provide and that is why it was the obvious next step for me.
Now the next dilemma, where do you start?  I discovered Real Tour Vision virtual tour software and marketing system and everything I saw said “You can do this”.  That is the start and again, I have found an opportunity that I can help bring people together, one person is selling a product or service and one person is searching for that product or service while enjoying my passion for photography and helping people.

Life just keeps getting better!! Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I would love to hear from you, maybe order a virtual tour and watch your business grow. 

Jo Sommers
Lakeland Virtual Tours 
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