A Little HD Praise

Jason, Sorry I missed the virtual tour Webinar, I’ve been swamped. However, I just wanted to let you know that I love the new HD Virtual Tours. They look AWESOME!!!!!!  I have upgraded several of my virtual tours already and still can’t believe how easy it is. After you do a couple, it really only takes another 10-15 minutes to upgrade a tour to HD. You guys really hit a Home Run!!!  I’m on track to knock out a few hundred tours this year…maybe more.

I also did a little website for a local stone provider and embedded a virtual tour on his site. Well I didn’t really embed it, I just framed it. Anyways I think it looks great and really is the High Light of the website.

Here is the address if you care to take a look.  http://www.lonesstone.com

Thank You for all your support. I still would like to see an Agency Virtual Tour Gallery if you are looking for any new projects.

Thanks again and Go Team RTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Kopcho / Owner
Ohio Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 740-624-3368