The FORMULA Brings us Together

The Tuesday night virtual tour webinar was another awesome presentation by Jason LaVanture and fellow RTV providers. The formula of surrounding yourself with positive people and you too will be a success is true. The tips given by the panel were great! I will incorporate these as I continue to develop my Harrison Virtual Tour business in the coming months.

I’m very excited about getting my postcards produced and mailed using the RTV Virtual Tour Marketing  standards. Going after top local agents and winning their trust is another direction I will take, thanks to the advice on this webinar. I am also realizing the importance of having both a local number and a toll free number. The list of tips could go on and on.

Last time I blogged about being an RTV newbie I mentioned being intimidated by all there is to learn. However, one thing I took away from this webinar is the fact that even Jason and the other top RTV providers still find corrections on their sites that needed addressing. This truly is a “learn as you go” enterprise!

The virtual tour business will be ever changing and growing. As we move into the new HD tours there will be more to learn! What a great way to go through life…owning a business that offers such an opportunity!  As we journey down this road to building successful virtual tours I expect to stumble here and there, but am happy to know that there is so much support and advice along the way.

Buffy Crosby / Owner
Harrison Virtual Tours