The FORMULA 26 | The Ten Minute HD Virtual Tour

Attention FORMULA Fans! We’ve got back to back FORMULA webinars this month so make sure to mark your calendars for April 13th at 7 PM EDT. While I’m away basking in the sun…Ben Knorr will be hosting The FORMULA 26, “The Ten Minute HD Tour”, along with Mike Thompson and Jim Blue.

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering how these guys are knocking out five and six HD virtual tours a day then this is your show. Both Jim Blue and Mike Thompson will be going over their own methods for quickly creating an RTV HD virtual tour.

Here are a couple of their HD virtual tours for you to check out:

Jim’s HD Tour:

Mike’s HD Tour

You can expect to get quite a bit out of this show so we really hope you can attend the live event. The Live Event will be open to the entire RTV network. Should you miss the live event you will be able to download it to watch at a later time in your Inner Circle area on the Webinars tab.

Get ready to efficiently knock out HD virtual tours this summer! I’ll miss you all and can’t wait to hear how the show went upon my return from Cabo.

Good luck out there!

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