Ask Jack – Owning the Trade Show

Hi Jack,

Our virtual tour company recently joined a local Realtor’s Association and will be attending our first monthly luncheon with them in April.  This luncheon will be the first impression that many agents will gain and we want to be able to get something into the hands of each real estate agent.  There will be approximately 60 agents attending this luncheon and I would like to place some of our virtual tour marketing material at each person’s seat.  Out of the virtual tour marketing material that RTV provides online that we can modify with our company info, what 1 or 2 pieces would you advise to be the BEST for this situation?

Obviously we will leave our business card which has our branding.  Would you advise a virtual tour brochure such as a 1 pager, a tri-fold brochure, or a postcard?  We want to make a good first impression and we are willing to pay for good quality printing- we are just trying to narrow it down out of all the options.



Dear Mickey,

For this situation I would recommend setting up a situation that will drive those very people back on over to your website AFTER the event.  Use a small business sized CD from, the vinyl sleeves, and a printed paper or glossy label.

To see the model number of the Cd’s, Sleeves, and labels that I recommend using please login to and click on the BRC, Setting up your Business, then on Setting your pricing.  Scroll all the way down on this page and look for the cost analysis page.  This page will have everything you need on it.

Once you have your CD’s ready to go with your labels I recommend that you use to create an impressive company presentation CD geared towards real estate.  You can find a very nice ready to go presentation on under the presentations section.  This is literally ready to go for you and comes highly recommended by me.  The presentation allows you to select a music clip that you would like your CD to autoplay with and also comes with ready to go loaded graphics. 

From here you will need to put in the following:

  • Your real estate Power Point presentation that you have converted to video
  • A link to your online virtual tour company website
  • Your real estate fact sheet
  • Your real estate virtual tour InfoPack
  • Your floor plan InfoPack – If you’re doing floor plans
  • Your Real Estate Flyer

Now for a grand finale! You should tell people that you’re giving away 50% off to the first X # of people who put in that CD, click over to your website and register with you.  In lieu of a 50% off you can also do a Free Exposure Engine, Free Single Property Website, Free Elevated Shot, or Free Night Shot session.  The 14th person to register with you will be a 50.00 gas card.  Do whatever you would like to do but at the end of the day you really want them to come to your website and sign up with you so you can start email marketing to them. 

If you’re really slick you can tell them that they can come to your website and register for your free Social Ignition course.  Whatever you do just make sure that you have a direct response mechanism built into your handout. 

Well, I really hope this helps! At the end of the day I highly recommend that you do CD marketing as opposed to handing out paper and flyers at these meetings since you can pack so much on such a nifty little CD!

Good luck out there!



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