Adding Value to a Marketing Strategy

Hello RTV virtual tour providers. I want to tell you all about a virtual tour that I just did…

I was doing a re-shoot of a virtual tour I did a while ago…a long story short, the home had wall paper pretty much everywhere.  To each his or her own, but what it comes down to is that not everyone has the same taste in anything.  The owners had removed most of the wall paper and painted in a more neutral fashion. 

Now, obviously, neutrality is a good thing and their next step was promoting the brokers open by way of MLS.  The Owners are realtors, by the way.  A brokers open is a great tool for realtors involved in selling a property, however, solely listing the open house on the MLS will no longer cut it.

So, being a realtor myself…I suggested that they be a bit more blunt in their promotional efforts. 

They have the virtual tour, professional stills, and property website.  Why not get their monies worth and use these tools to directly promote to the local realtor population…make flyers, phone calls, send out emails…simply raise awareness in the community.  They can and should do the same thing for the public open houses.

I think I opened their eyes, because they had never thought of these approaches, but they make perfect sense…

Many realtors seem so hesitant to spend the money on these wonderful property marketing TOOLS, to me, because as far as they are concerned they are no better than the pictures they have been taking for years.  Now, if all you are going to do is put them online and forget them, they probably are, but, if you use them…

Give yourself the edge, find a company like our Philadelphia virtual tour companyVirtual Vista that will go the extra step for you, providing a product high in quality and functionality…Virtual tours should give you traffic reports, should be able to be emailed, downloaded, and provide usefulness to buyers, such as, school, area, and mortgage information.

Property websites should be like an online brochure, incorporating virtual tours, pictures, property information etc…i.e.

Brian Castro
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