Virtual Tours in Greenville, SC

So my wife tells me at the end of the day that she heard from someone at RTV about our inquiry into stitching software.  She isn’t real sure what Mike was talking about but understood that there was an opportunity to start offering Greenville virtual tours as a business.

Originally SB Design Associates wasn’t trying to get into the virtual tour business and we were ready to take our company in the direction of home staging but offering professional photographs as an option.  Enter SB Design Associates, DBA SC 360 Tours. I guess you can figure out by now that we decided to change our direction. We knew that we wanted to offer virtual tours in Greenville but didn’t have a clue where to start. 

My wife is a professional photographer who recently taught photography at a local university but we had made the decision to get into a business for ourselves. It only took one phone call to find out that RTV is the real deal. If there was any indecision at all it was taken away the first time I logged into the RTV marketing website. I will absolutely be a RPM member forever because of the level of support that is available to us from that site.

From professional leave behinds to materials for local Realtors to use I found the information almost overwhelming. I spent days poring over what is available for starting up a virtual tour business and we customized many of the presentations and materials to use and also for our associates in the industry to use.

I only wish we had started our virtual tour company earlier, I would have stretched further and past our area here in SC. I absolutely know that our venture here will be successful, certainly in part to RTV. The middle of February we meet with a potential group of 142 realtors at one office, our optimism is high. 

Good luck to everyone out there and we will see you on the RTV Shows!

Barry Baskin
Greenville Virtual Tours