Virtual Tour Greenville, SC

When you think Greenville, SC what do you think of? SC 360 Tours, a division of SB Design Associates is located in Greenville, SC and thought that a virtual tour of Greenville would showcase their city and also their virtual tour technology.

Greenville, SC is located about 1 ½ hours south of Charlotte,NC and depending on traffic about 2 hours north of Atlanta, GA. How about 45 minutes from the mountains and 3 hours from the beach. The virtual tours that you see here represent a home in the area, a business located downtown Greenville and also a shot of downtown Greenville at night this past Christmas. When you look at the virtual tour you will notice the clarity of the pictures and the fact that the tour is not distorted.

SB Design Associates decided upon RTV after looking at many different types of virtual tour software because of the higher quality finished product. There are many products advertised as providing a virtual tour but few do more than animate a still photograph, you can’t see the detail of the home or business.

A virtual tour produced by SB Design Associates allow you the viewer to stop the tour, zoom into a particular feature of the tour, and move from one room or place to another with ease. If you are a business owner or home owner a virtual tour provides you the exposure that you need to showcase your home or business. The residential virtual tour was taken during the Christmas season and the virtual tour of Larkin’s on the River mid January, 2010.

Enjoy our Greenville Virtual Tours!
Shannon Baskin
SB Design Associates
SC 360 Tours