TAX Time for a Virtual Tour Company

I’ve had my virtual tour business running just about a year now. is a San Antonio Virtual tour company. I am not an accountant, nor am I a natural business person.  I can sell what I believe in and virtual tours is one of those things. However, selling virtual tours, while taking time and effort, does not complete the business cycle so to speak.  There is paperwork for the state and Uncle Sam, and lots of it.  If you are more than a sole proprietor, there are a number of tax laws that can quickly get you in trouble.

If you have employees, there is still more paperwork and critical deadlines that must be met as well.  If you contract out work, there is a different set of paperwork to file and keep track of.  So, what am I saying?  How does one stay out of trouble?  Getting expert advice! How to get expert advice?   Not from friends. They may mean well, but unless they are experts, take anything they say with a large grain of salt.  OK, you say, so now where?  If you want to you can pay for expert advice, but it usually is not cheap.  OK, OK, so spill it out.  OK here it is.  SCORE

Have you heard of SCORE. SCORE is a volunteer organization of active and retired business owners/executives, etc. that provide that expertness that you may need.  The best part of this is that it is free and they have no other ulterior motives than to help small businesses succeed.  I use them and I will continue to use them for my virtual tour company.  They have a lot of information, they have a lot of resources, and they are the first step to the SBA. They will grease the way! Go to

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