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First off before I get started I would like to shout out a special HUGE thanks to Ben Knorr and guest speaker Bryan Peterson for the inspiring IMAGE Webinar – “Night Photography”.  Topics covered the preferred time window, to the direction the photograph is taken from (N-S-E or W), to camera settings, filters, external lighting and much more.  The up-to-date techniques for getting GREAT Night Shots will allow our virtual tours to look very natural.  Another well done presentation!! Thank you RTV.

Tours D’ Force

I almost always carry my camera around with me wherever I go but it’s not a SLR.  It’s my Point and Shoot (P&S) camera which is easily transported with me in my coat pocket or close to me in the car.  This has proven beneficial in capturing special events and other unique shots that I would have missed if I had not. So now I would like to use my P & S camera to create night photography??


I always thought to get good photos I would need to have a DSLR camera, lenses, and equipment.  Yes you do – but I have found that doesn’t mean I cannot get awesome photos using my Point and Shoot digital camera.  To do this you must know your camera and develop some skills.

For those of you using P & S cameras I would highly suggest that you check your owner’s manual to see what your camera capable of.  I know if you are anything like me this would be your last resort but there is no better way to know your camera than to read the manual.

INCREASE YOUR SHUTTER SPEED.  Most P & S cameras have the capability to adjust the shutter speed. Some cameras have a shutter speed setting, but mine does not.  But it does have a “Night Scenes” mode setting. This feature allows for shutter speeds higher than its standard.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have known that this camera had this setting without checking the owner’s manual.

USE YOUR TRIPOD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It is important to use your tripod to get sharp photos especially when you have increased your shutter speed. Note: when using your hands to take a shot, be as steady as possible, a little movement as you press the shutter affects the sharpness of your photos especially when taking shots at low light or night mode.  If you find yourself without a tripod find something sturdy, a post, a mailbox, your car hood or car roof and use the timer to minimize movement when taking the shot.  If you don’t use the timer take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger while exhaling.

CHANGE YOUR ISO SETTING. This is something that you will have to play with.  I know from my experience that if you go to high the photo becomes grainy.  I don’t especially like this; therefore I go for the lowest ISO setting as possible.  Also note that as lowering the ISO you will see some light trails that weren’t there before with a higher shutter speed.

FAKE YOUR CAMERA OUT.  I personally choose not to use a flash when taking photos at dark because the light from the flash usually makes my whole photo look unnatural.  Instead I sometimes focusing my camera on something darker than what I intend on taking and half press the shutter button and the camera will focus on the frame.  Now move your camera back to what you really want to take, and take the shot.  This works because when you initially focus on something darker, your camera will think it needs more light to take shot than usual since it still has the darker object/”need more light” setting from the initial focus.

Try it, experiment and learn from your experience.

Enjoy and have FUN!!

ToursDForce on the Night Lens

As always, ToursDForce will continue to work hard to bring their current clients and future clients only the highest quality photos and powerful marketing tools so that you look your best and drive more traffic to the table. ToursDForce night lens will do just that, in fact our night or twilight photographs will make your real estate listing or business stand apart from the others.  Find out what professional photographers have known for years, your listings or business’s will look better in the evening and have a amazing glow to them. Get the competitive edge by marketing your property listing and business utilizing our night shots techniques right here in Lenawee County virtual tours.

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