See it Sell on the Importance of Getting Social

Hey there RTV!  Us over here in Corinth, MS really LOVED your Virtual Tour Webinar last night! This week my wife and I attended a seminar in Tupelo, Elvis’ birthplace! The presenter was from Phoenix, Az. We spoke with him briefly and followed up with an email.

His topic was “Seven Remedies For Business Survival”. A portion of his presentation was devoted to marketing/advertising. He stressed the importance of a web presence, social networking, and blogging for search engine optimization. We cannot stress enough how important it is to spend some time weekly adding new content in a blog or social network site. It has helped us get to page one when a search is made for Corinth Virtual Tours!!  Take it from us that you really should listen to RTV and do the same.  Especially now that they post your blog in two spots using the new blog!  If you’re not already taking the RTV Social Ignition course you REALLY need to!

We also took the time to email the presenter and provide examples of virtual tours that feature businesses. Finally, we looked for an RTV provider in Phoenix and provided both that provider and the Phoenix individual each other’s contact information. Sure this took some time but what if a new partnership is established? Network with all contacts you make–people know other people and this is how you grow your virtual tour business!

Hugh Jordan
Corinth, MS Virtual Tours
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