RTV’s Webinars Bring Me Success

First of all, the RTV webinar on night photography rocked! Thanks Ben-great information as always!

That being said, I have to confess I am photography phobic.  Don’t get me wrong, I love RTV’s virtual tour software technology but what I know about photography can fit in a thimble.  Photoshop was invented for me.  New software doesn’t scare me.  Computers don’t scare me.  Snakes don’t even scare me that much.  But cameras do.  So I am watching the webinar and I started hearing F-stop this and aperture that and I’m thinking, “Gee isn’t this what the autofocus selection is for?” Wrong!  I am slowly finding out that there is a LOT for me to learn about taking great pictures.

I am an RTV newbie.   As such, when I first started to reach out and contact other RTV Virtual Tour Providers and members it was kind of intimidating to see their sites, awesome photos and read all the techno-wizardry that everyone knows.  I never cease to be impressed with all the ideas and clever marketing tips on these daily blogs.  So at first it was hard to figure a way to approach everything there is to learn, let alone photography. There was a lot of material to go through and lots of places to go to learn things. It all seemed rather daunting.

But I like a challenge.  You can accomplish a lot by challenging yourself.  So I took a deep breath and reminded myself that hey… I’ve run four marathons. I didn’t do that by walking out my front door one day and running 26.2 miles.  I asked questions, I took advice from accomplished athletes, surrounded myself with committed runners.  I outlined a plan, kept taking notes, recovered from injury and training mistakes, set interim goals, one day at a time. A few months later, there I was, crossing the finish line first in Las Vegas, then San Diego, then Chicago and most recently California. So I will get through this too!

I also reminded myself that I am in good hands. Everyone so far has said not to let it overwhelm you; to absorb it a little at a time and practice and it will come. Gee, that sounds familiar.  I’ve had great help from Jason, Ben, Sue and fellow providers like Nancy Bain who does Nova Scotia virtual tours. Nancy has answered a lot of questions and been a great support.  And also has become a friend! It’s starting to feel like a nice club to be in too, sort of like my running clubs!

So this photography thing is my new marathon training.  I feel very comfortable knowing that I have the right coaches in place, a clearly outlined game plan, and even have guidance in what goals to set.  In these first few months, I have the site done, a client who is very happy with my progress to date on his tour, [in spite of my limited photography skills], and who has promised me more business! That’s a pretty good start I’d say.  I’d be happy to one day be a top RTV producer… now that’s an ultra marathon goal!

In the meantime, I’ll just keep plugging away at learning about cameras, filters, lighting, shutter speeds, social ignition, web-site content, blogging, marketing, sales and building awesome tours till I get it–one client at a time. Thanks for the support! Please email me and tell me what you struggled with and how you overcame a specific obstacle. I’d love to hear from all of you RTV virtual tour providers out there!  I do Westbrook, ME Virtual tours.  I’ll see you all at the finish line! As with my marathon finishes, hopefully there will be beer!

Buffy Crosby
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