Increase Your Rental Bookings

Hello there fellow RTV virtual tour providers out there. Here are some of my best tips for utilizing Virtual Tours to increase rental property bookings. After owning rental property for several years and trying to continue to increase bookings, I searched for all opportunities to get the word out on our property.  Great quality pictures attract so many more inquires.  Just imagine if you provide a virtual tour for prospective vacation renters.

For those who participate with the #1 rental site out there,, did you know that you can add virtual tours to those listings?  This is not something that is readily advertised on their site. Adding Virtual Tours will completely separate your listing from the others out there.  It is a very simple process to have the tour added.  Once the tour is live, you simply e-mail the link to with the property number and they will review it and post it to the listing. 

Once your virtual tour is properly linked up to the site you can now watch weekly as your RTV virtual tour hit report comes in.  See how much more traffic you’re getting!!  Other sites that drive massive traffic include Craigslist, and VRBO.  Spend just a little time making a list of these sites so when someone asks you how you’re going to promote a specific type of property you will be able to easliy rattle off your top picks.  This makes you the expert and people will come to know that when it comes to marketing properties online, you’re thier TOP PICK!

Good luck out there everyone! Just head out there and take a look at how many vacation properties are in your area. I think you will be surprised!

Tammy Jerome
Campton Virtual Tours
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