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Well, as one of the newest “RTV providers” I must say “Thank You” to the RTV Staff for their patience and assistance during my South Dakota virtual tour company start up.  I have learned so much in the past few weeks that my mind is so full of data, I wish I had a sort button to sort it all out and put it into files for future use. 

Purchasing the RTV Virtual Tour Software and becoming a member of the World’s largest virtual tour network has given me the opportunity I needed to advance in my career.  I am excited to be an RTV representative and look forward to working with their virtual tour company Staff and all of the other RTV providers around the globe. 

This business is not just about taking “pictures” for virtual tours.  It is about producing a quality product for thousands of customers and millions of viewers.  The RTV Marketing System can help all providers to set achievable goals and a path to success. Each photo shoot is different and can sometimes be challenging, but I believe with all of RTV’s extended learning classes that are FREE to me as a provider such as The Formula and The Image we can be very successful virtual tour company owners. Furthermore, RTV’s in house support staff and all of the other RTV providers out there that communicate in the social networks can help each other out too giving us more power then ever since we work as a community. All of this combined will lead to great opportunities for us all!

This past two weeks, I am proud to say I completed my first South Dakota Virtual Tour (Residential Real Estate) and I’m very excited to say that I’ve already got my first “Tour Track” order from RTV from one of their many national virtual tour accounts that they have.  Not only was I excited, but very nervous about being the “new kid on the block”.  I surely didn’t want to make any mistakes, but of course I did.  In the end, I’m glad I made those errors, for I have learned how to better prepare myself, look at things differently and become a more professional virtual tour provider.

As with any new business; it will take time to become known for my style, experience and dedication.  But as a RTV provider, I have no doubt that “Homes In The Midwest” a South Dakota Virtual Tour Company will become a main source for buyers and sellers of homes in our area…State perhaps!

Barb Young
Homes In The Midwest
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