The FORMULA Works When You Follow it

I have already used one of the great tips from the webinar only 12 hours after hearing from the “experts”.  I had breakfast with a Realtor from Southby’s Russ Lyon Realty.  She is a top Scottsdale real estate agent and has been for over 10 years.  Testing out some of the theories discussed last night, we talked about what does Linda need most to further boost her closing percentages.  Guess what – she needed a personal assistant for the things she either doesn’t like to do (send email to prospective clients) – or things she doesn’t have the time to do(SEO, social networking, marketing). 

Next step was to pull up one of her listings on Google.  Well we googled the address and the MLS number.  Guess what, her website didn’t pull, nor did Google provide any reference to the listing with her name.  There were no Virtual Tours, Blogs or You tubes.  Instead, it was all competitors from Keeler Williams, Century 21 and other companies that had pulled her listing onto their websites as hot properties.  We then created a “pseudo tour” and exposure engine.  Posted it and low and behold when we checked a few hours later – her name was the third name down on the list.

When she left, I was an approved “Personal Assistant”.  I still didn’t get the virtual tour or photography business, but she agreed she liked my photographs and if the opportunity arose and she couldn’t get a Russ Lyon approved photographer, she would use our virtual tour photography services.  I wasn’t upset because I sold her on Txt Connect, a single property website and exposure engine for one of her listings.

In any case, my point is:  THE FORMULA works when you follow it.  THE IMAGE teaches and improves even professionals who need to hear the information they may not have heard in a long time.  JASON provides great service and his provider network is more than generous with sharing ideas and lending a helping hand. 

P.S.  Thank you Alan Fon for your help today. 

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