Circle Shot Media Hits Maui

Why do I love Maui?!!  That’s simple… The photos below should give you a good idea!  This is one of my favorite whale watching spots.  The hammock in the middle is there for anyone to use.  It is a great way to relax in the warm tropical sunshine while we’re not out shooting virtual tours.
When you visit the islands, it is important to watch out for falling coconuts!
The photo below was taken over the sugar cane fields.
This is the remodeled pool at Kaanapali Alii where we have a condo.
It doesn’t matter what beach you are at, you see a lot of whales during this time of year.
I took these photos from the shoreline.  I am surprised at how close to the shore they come.
We plan to go on a whale watching trip next week.
They put on quite a show for the people on the shore.
Palm trees, Palm trees everywhere!  The little guy below was mesmerized by the whales and the ocean.
Even the sunsets are more beautiful here!
Maui sunsets
Every day I see so many things around me that just show the beauty of our world and I love each one of them.  As the saying goes… “Maui No Ka Oi”  translated = Maui is the best! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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