BlueLaVaMedia Goes High Definition

Could it really be High Definition Interactive Virtual Tours?  Yes, times have changed drastically over the last two years and team BlueLaVaMedia is working hard to keep our virtual tour technology at the forefront of virtual tour technology.

Today we are proud to announce that we have upgraded our virtual tour viewer to support Full Screen High Definition images. Take a look at the virtual tours below and you will quickly see how our new HD full screen virtual tours transform the typical interactive virtual tour to something quite spectacular.  Trust us that our new HD experience literally makes your audience feel like they are standing right in the room! With just a click of a button BlueLaVaMedia now delivers you a brand new amazing interactive virtual tour experience.

Sample our new HD Virtual Tours:

Don’t worry about load time.  In fact, our virtual tours load faster than any of the other video or interactive virtual tour platforms out there!  This is because we compress our images down to an amazingly small size before publishing them to our servers while maintaining strict standards in quality.  No waiting for a huge video file to load only to get a tiny window.  No more staring at a loading bar for two minutes only to end up viewing a simple full screen slide show. Now you can tell your customers that you’re giving online shoppers a truly interactive HD virtual tour experience.  Finally, our HD full screen virtual tours can also be easily converted into streaming video for YouTube deployment! It’s truly amazing!

We want you to experience this new feature on your listings, so from now through April, your first virtual tour you purchase from us will get a free HD full screen upgrade. Starting May 1st 2010 an upgrade to our HD viewer will cost $20.00 on our Real Estate Virtual Tours.

Show your customers that your are on the cutting edge of technology with one of our “NEW HD” virtual tours today.


Team BlueLaVaMedia
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