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Hello from our Hamilton Virtual Tour Company 360 Virtual Solutions & Marketing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We are new to the virtual tour industry but not new to real estate. As a realtor with Coldwell Banker, I have seen and heard what is required by realtors in order to provide customers with unique powerful property marketing solutions. The competition here for virtual tours is fierce and now is the time to offer this innovative marketing tool to your clients. This would also apply to any of your clients selling anything via the web such as restaurants, resorts, vehicles and so on.

Coldwell Banker has now launched a dedicated channel on YouTube that gives us food for thought. They have also launched the Iphone app for real estate. Coldwell Banker has offices in over 47 countries worldwide. What an excellent opportunity for all of us in the virtual tour industry to jump in at the beginning and provide a service that while being easy and economical for us to provide, is also an excellent marketing tool featuring your company at the end of the clips. What a great way to get free advertising and provide the realtors with something unique!

These “clips” or videos can be a series of photos with music, narration or text and be anywhere from 45 seconds in length to 3 or 4 minutes. You can use free applications downloaded from the web such as Photostory, to make your video or clip. The agents can also purchase a video to promote themselves by giving such tips as Tax Credits, staging, choosing contractors, buying and selling tips and much more. The possiblities are endless. From YouTube, there is also the links to share the videos on Technorati, Facebook, Reddit, Blogger and other social networks. What a great marketing innovation incorporating Real Tour Vision’s technology offers us and expanding on it to promote ourselves to a worldwide audience at not cost to us!

With tech savvy clients and social networking being the new norm, this is an excellent opportunity to leverage yourself against your virtual tour competitor and provide an unique marketing opportunity to your clients.

Jan Male
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