We Love The IMAGE Webinars


Last night Ben had another excellent IMAGE webinar. Although I was late to the Lighting topic I was able to take away enough in the framing portion to make it well worth it for my virtual tour business. Like always Ben broke it down to a very easy to understand level, while still getting straight to the point when balancing artistic expression. For all the virtual tour providers that were not able to attend you may want to watch this one, On top of the excellent tips that Ben threw at us he explained exactly what our national virtual tour company accounts are looking for… Another great webinar Ben!

Matt Rayner
Lafayette Virtual Tours

Hello RTV Family,
I just wanted to say that the latest RTV webinar conducted by Ben Knorr was outstanding. Although I am a seasoned virtual tour photographer, I gleaned plenty of information concerning framing and overall lighting techniques. The additional virtual tour photography training proved to be refreshing! It is clear that Ben is not only well-versed in the technical aspects of RTV’s infrastructure, he is also has a clear grasp of virtual tour photography.

This is especially important when dealing with individuals who are just getting into RTV and virtual tour photography in general. If one has no clue in the basics of photography or virtual tour photography, especially lighting and framing, one’s reputation and creditability as a photographer will soon suffer. I stress “basics” because in order to advance to the next level of photography the fundamentals of photography must be mastered in order to progress. To this point, Ben did a superb job redirecting our attention to the makings of a stellar/ above-average visual presentation related to our virtual tours. I was impressed with Ben’s research to supplement his presentation. Instead of simply providing us an overall summary of lighting and framing, I found it extremely useful incorporating examples from other photographers who specialize in property & virtual tour photography.

In the same light (no pun intended), I found it equally useful and helpful when Ben incorporated the “No-No’s” of lighting and framing in his presentation. By displaying images submitted by current RTV providers, he was able to point how each image fell short of RTV’s standards. In addition, he was able to show us, instead of simply telling us what to avoid. This technique was brilliant! Overall, I was quite impressed with the webinar. I will be attending more in 2010; more importantly, I will become more active this upcoming year with respect to the RTV business opportunity. Best wishes to the entire RTV family!

Wendell Nicholes

Thank you, Ben and RTV, for another interesting and very informative webinar. I really enjoyed the framing session. It started the creative juices flowing. I had a Knoxville virtual tour scheduled today and I put some of the ideas to work. I’ve shared some of the stills with the realtor and she loves them.

I’m really excited about the future virtual home staging webinar. That will put us even further ahead of the competition. Thank you RTV and Staff for the ongoing support and new ideas.

Looking forward to a very prosperous and successful 2010.

Happy New Year,
Tammy Mills
Knoxville Virtual Tours