Tamed by Twitter and Propertybot

As virtual tour providers we are marketers. We market our own virtual tour and property marketing services, sure, but my business’ goal is to be a marketing partner for my clients. Whether I’m researching for my market or helping my clients research their market, detailed real estate marketing search is a key. Finding a certain type of property in the right price range quickly is an important skill.

This is a follow up to a blog post I wrote for TwiTip.com http://www.twitip.com/twitter-real-estate-listings-now-with-an-easy-button/. In that post I reviewed a great little tool for distributing Real Estate listings on Twitter called Tweetlister. (http://tweetlister.com) I wanted to let you know about another Twitter tool that goes hand in hand with Tweetlister and is from the same developer. It’s called Propertybot. http://tweetlister.com/propertybot.aspx

Propertybot allows you to search for listings by using the Twitter @reply function. Over the last few months, Tweetlister has had a ton of data thrown at it. According to Tweetlister.com, Tweetlister has a database of over 1.6 million listings, mainly from their partner listing feed partner, ListHub, but also from TweetLister members who have entered their listings manually. Because of this, the service has a great property search feature built into the Tweetlister.com site. Now with Propertybot, you can access this data in your Twitter app, whether that’s at your desktop or on your hand-held computer, I mean phone.

You don’t have to be a Tweetlister member to use Propertybot. The only requirement is a free Twitter account. If you’re not using Twitter and encouraging your virtual tour clients to use it, there’s never a better time than now to start. Here’s how:

• Log in to Twitter and follow @propertybot (http://twitter.com/propertybot).
• Start a tweet with @Propertybot and then add the search criteria.
• To get a full menu of the criteria available send this tweet: @Propertybot help

The main thing to remember is to put the location in quotes. For example, I sent this tweet: @Propertybot “Huntsville, AL” residential 3BR $175K-$250K

In a minute or two I received an @reply from the Propertybot account with a link to my search results. It found fifteen properties and each result has a link to the source of the listing. Most of the time it’s the Realtor’s website. Want to quickly find a list of the agents and brokers who list in the top tier in your area? Just change the location and price range and follow the links.

Speaking of Realtors, you can search a specific agent/broker’s listings through Propertybot. This is a tool intended for TweetLister member agents/brokers. Your virtual tour clients can tell their clients to DM (direct message) Propertybot and get all their listings, or a specific set of their listings, by tweeting a message with the agent’s Twitter name. If you tweet @Propertybot [agenttwittername] house for sale, you’ll get all of the agent’s home listings. This is just for agents/brokers who are TweetLister members, but you can get credit for recommending it!

The uses for this service are as many as you have reasons to search for properties. The killer part is that it’s free and there’s no new software to install if you’re already using Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!

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