Social Ignition Course Update

RTV is very pleased to announce that our ever popular Social Ignition course has been updated.  All 12 weeks are now available for download in your site under the Inner Circle section.  All new members who have not yet signed up for the course may do so by signing into your RPM marketing system now! This will automatically sign you up for the brand new Social Ignition system.  For those of you who are putting your customers through this course, please take time now to update your course online.

The updates to this course include a very powerful FREE Keyword Rank checker that works flawlessly and is lightning fast.  It also works without you having to clear out your cache frequently.  The course has eliminated all sites that are no longer available and includes links to five new, very powerful sites.  Enjoy the new course outline!  Remember that when you become more than a virtual tour photographer your need in the community increases exponentially.

Virtual Tours & Now Virtual Staging!