New Technology & New Year

The New Year is sure to bring new technology to our San Antonio virtual tour company, especially under Jason’s tutelage. While we are embracing new virtual tour software technology, don’t forget to keep tabs on your present virtual tour technology.

I recently had my website compromised and didn’t find out about it until I was looking at my Google Analytics and saw a flat line for a number of days. I did a search on Yahoo and Bing and Google and lo and behold, what did I find but to my dismayment, that while my site name was there, there was ‘nothing here’. By that time, the searchbots had gone through and I lost my rankings among competing virtual tour companies.

It took a couple of weeks to regain what I had lost and there is no telling how many possible virtual tour customers I lost. It’s a good idea to review your virtual tour website probably on a daily basis just to catch any problems before they are magnified and really put a wrench in your works.

Speaking of wrenches in the works, are you backing up your data regularly? We tend to think that it won’t happen to me or that I don’t have too many hours on my drive, memory, flash drive, etc. and then the worst happens, lost data, corrupted files, virus, etc. Take a step back and think or calculate the cost of loss of your primary data base and programs if you lost them, then consider the ‘insurance’ that you need and the cost vs cost of loss. Don’t put it off, as so many of us do. Make this one of your New Year’s resolution, back up , back up, back up before its too late.

Happy New Year and may this be a fruitful and growth year to all of you.

Jim Hoback
San Antonio Virtual Tours
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