Mixing it up with RTV

            “As an Indianapolis Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker, RTV’s virtual tour software offers me a distinctive service differentiator. None of my local auction competitors have the ability to offer such a product. I mix it up a bit by providing 360° panorama virtual tours as value proposition which is always enjoyed by my varied client base.

           Bonham’s is affiliated with United County Auction Services – the largest national organization of auctioneers, holding auction licenses in 48 states. We work with Lawyers, Bank Asset Managers, People that are Downsizing, etc., to auction Commercial & Residential Real Estate and Personal Property. These clients all expect quality and timely service. Offering Indianapolis Virtual Tours and Real Estate Video Tips through Video Connector provides services and capabilities not offered by my competitors.

           Having been in the Auction and Real Estate business for 10 years, I know the importance of growth and business development through adding service capabilities and improving your personal & personnel skills. For personal development, I have attained my AARE auction real estate accreditation, will complete my CAI designation in 2 month. I sit in on various training webinars offered by RTV, the National Auctioneer Association, etc. For business development, we are always looking for better staff, newer technology and updated software. All of these things have helped us grow our business, make us more profitable and better serve the needs of our customers.

            Soon, I will extend my virtual tour service to new business sectors. In the past, my business services were offered just for my auction real estate. The business goal for 2010 is to offer 360° panorama virtual tours to area real estate brokerage firms, corporations and public business facilities. As a part of our growth plan, Bonham’s will have RTV prepare a dedicated website under the name: Circle City 360° Virtual Tours.

            Bonham’s associated with RTV about 14 months ago. It has been a positive relationship and a very good business decision for our auction business. Thanks RTV!”

Mark W. Bonham, AARE
Indianapolis Auctioneer & Virtual Tour Provider

 United Country – Bonham Auction & Realty