Milwaukee Virtual Tours – Night Shots & More!

Night Photography what a great topic for The IMAGE.  Last night’s IMAGE was filled with some great suggestions and tips from an excellent photographer Brian Peterson. The team here at 360 Image Media offering Milwaukee Virtual Tours, really learned some great new ideas and tricks to make our night photography even better. We will also experiment with some of the tips learned and apply them to some low lighting and creative shoots we have coming up real soon. With this enhanced virtual tour photography knowledge we are also really looking forward to the launch of the new Full Screen HD virtual tours.

The artistic quality and creative feel of night photography has also prompted my team to create a new blog for posting RTV providers night shots. So for all you experienced pros and you new providers out there the blog address will be as follows  So start submitting your night shots and descriptions now and display your talents as well as increase your Google Juice. Submissions can be made to 360 Image Media Night Shot Blog by sending us an email.

Now for our second tidbit of information. We have recently stumbled upon a new way to increase your Google Juice and your page rank. What is it you ask?  BING.  Really you say how can BING improve my Google juice. Well we have recently discovered that signing up for the BING community so that we could improve our ranking within BING search engines, has also given us Google juice by having our BING community profile rank organically in the Google Search Engine. So fill out the profile and sign up for the Bing community now, so you can get even more exposure. Bing has had enough Google juice to occasionally get our profile on the first page of the Google results when searching for our Company Name.  So there it is BING increases Google Juice and helps you gain exposure. Also make sure you sign up for Bing webmaster tools and submit your site and setup there xml verification to get them crawling your site as well.

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