Lighting & Framing Photography Challenge

Virtual Tour Photography, taking pictures versus tech savvy training and experience, can be a perplexing challenge for a novice photographer and especially a virtual tour and real estate photographer, in the world today.

Once upon a time, in the not too distance past, I can remember when being a photographer meant heavy, expensive equipment not to mention the technical training involving the operation of this equipment. A special talent, passion and extensive training were basics in starting a career as a professional virtual tour photographer and of course a mentor never hurt.

Very few in my world had these opportunities, so the question of even thinking about setting the goal of being a professional photographer, were out of the question. With the advancement of time, new technologies have been developed and have presented new opportunities where we can quench these daunting obstacles.

The meaning of being a professional photographer once meant more than just taking pictures with a camera. One had to experience patience in waiting for the film to be developed in a dark room before they could view what was captured in their photographs. I use the word photography instead of pictures, because I feel skill is need to produce photographs and pictures/pics are quick, uncalculated impressions.

With the wonders of digital photography, now we experience instant gratification. Immediately we are able to realize what has just happened and can correct or adjust our actions. Time being the equivalent of money, these expensive processes are reduced to affordable applications, leaving us with more time and energies to apply creative techniques to satisfy the virtual tour customer.

In real estate, the product we are selling, be it a building or land, we need to remember that we only have a small amount of time to capture our client’s interest. It is paramount we represent the property in an inviting, cozy and appealing manner. The angle/framing of the photo is essential to entice the client/buyer into action, the actual sale of the property. If you show too much open spaces of nothing, a thought can be placed in the viewer of an empty, useless area.

The same goes with lighting, if it is darkly lit, your viewer will not be see the points of interest, All in all, we can only do so much with post shoot adjustments. If we lay down a fundamental understanding of lighting and framing of our subject, the finally photo will represent what we want it to. Stop by our website today to get the Southern Michigan virtual tour and property marketing services that you deserve!

Have a warm, safe and prosperous New Year RTV!

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