Island Digital Images Rocking TxT Connect Mobile Marketing

As a leader in the greater Corpus Christi area real estate market you have either started to use IDI TxT Connect as an integral part of your marketing plan or you will be signing up for the program in the near future.

As you are no doubt aware IDI TxT Connect is both an inexpensive marketing tool, (as low as $2.95 per month per property), and one that allows you to join in the expediential growth of mobile marketing.  As always if you have any questions on this or any other Island Digital Images virtual tours or property marketing products just let us know.

Some of the new features and benefits of the IDI TxT Connect product include:
“Lots” Added as a New Category
Within real estate, we now have Homes, Rental Properties, Commercial Properties and Lots.

“Text Business Card” Added as a New Category
Why not use one of your keywords for a Text Business Card! ie: Text Alan to 43766 for my contact details sent to your phone!

Agent Photo Upload
Your photo is now displayed in the new mobile website design!

Virtual Tour/Video Upload Link
You can now upload a video or provide buyers with a video URL link such as YouTube. This is another great use for the video version of your virtual tour. This video is included with our Turbo Media Exposure option.

MLS Auto Fill
Simply enter the MLS number and click auto fill. All of the property details, extra description and up to 10 photos are automatically populated into the listing fields. The more detailed property description and photos will appear on the mobile site. This is now a one step process! (keep an eye on this process to make sure it is your listing that is uploaded, if there is more than one listing in within the state of Texas it may select the wrong property. If the wrong property is selected just add your information and photos manually)

New Mobile Website (WAP)
For those with a mobile data plan that can access the internet, we have re-designed our mobile website design. Our new design takes a buyer directly to the photos as the landing page, they can access a map of the listing, click on a video or virtual tour if uploaded, see the agent and their photo, “click to SMS” (or call or email) the agent, etc.

Mapping Feature
Buyers can now click an icon in the mobile site to see the property on a map!

Photo Upload Enhancement
Photo size is now larger (4MB) and you can see the upload progress and photo itself after each photo upload.

Opt-In For Price Updates Through Mobile Site/Listing
Buyers are all looking for an edge! Now they can simply click a button if viewing the listing on their mobile phone and enter their number to “opt-in” to receive SMS broadcasts for property listing info and updates. Remember, we also make it easy for any buyer to also opt-in simply by replying YES to the second text message they receive.

You can now view a number of various stats on your property listing and filter by date.

Good luck out there with TxT Connect Everyone!

Alan Fon

Island Digital Images, LLC
Corpus Christi Virtual Tours