I’m Nancy Bain and I’m a Marketing Genius

There is nothing like a best friend you can count on to say just the right things, keep your secrets and believe in you. That’s why I called mine last night as I was obsessing about a presentation I had to give today to 20 Nova Scotia real estate agents.

I am currently taking a Toastmasters Leadership course to help me establish my confidence and public speaking skills, but this was to be my very first opportunity to speak in front of (what I call) a large crowd. Nervous was an understatement.

She told me (my BFF) just say to yourself, “I’M NANCY FREAKIN BAIN, AND I’M A MARKETING GENIUS” It seemed funny at the time (and I needed a good laugh) but it was my last thought before I went to sleep and my first thought this morning. I remember a teacher telling me once in high school, “Attitude is Altitude”

Armed with Attitude my strategy CHANGED the minute I stood before them during my virtual tour and property marketing presentation. I had planned to show 3 of my youtube marketing videos and allow time for questions. (a cop out – very little speaking on my part) But as I looked out at their faces, I realized: 1) I had a captive audience 2) They were anxious to hear what I had to say and 3) They were not two headed hairy monsters! And I thought to myself, “I’m Nancy freakin Bain, and I’m a marketing genius!”

And then it happened. I exploded with passion as I told them how my Nova Scotia virtual tours would save them time and money. (Home Buyers who used virtual tours as a significant portion of their home-buying experience spent an average of two weeks with a Realtor® looking at homes, compared to those who did not use the internet, who spent an average of seven weeks looking for their home. (2008 RIS Media)

I explained how our 360 virtual tours have an html template as opposed to a flash one which allows them to easily rank organically on google (because of our spider link technology) on address name, agent name or both. I bragged how our interactive virtual tours had social networking “built-in” to the virtual tour window enabling the viewer to upload them to some of the top authority social networking sites with a click of a button. I told them I would be soon be offering full screen high-definition virtual tours!

We discussed the FREE Social Ignition course offered at my site www.supernovastudios.ca and the advantages of social media marketing, back linking, and blogging. I invited them all to submit their blogs to me and I would post them to a “pumper site” I have created www.nsrealestatevine.com with backlinking and anchor text to their site.

Text message marketing was a hot topic as we discussed lead generation and INSTANT information available to increasingly impatient and tech savvy buyers.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I could see that they “got it”.

Out of 20 attendees 14 are now signed up for my Social Ignition course, I sold a virtual tour and have a solid lead on another.  I call that success! I call that marketing genius! And I can’t wait to do it again!

Nancy Bain
Supernova Studios
Nova Scotia Virtual Tours