The FORMULA 22 | Must Love Blogs

Attention FORMULA fans! Are you ready to start pumping…and I mean PUMPING Google Juice your way? As you already know from taking the RTV Social Ignition course ‘Google Juice’ comes from freshly squeezed blogs and that’s exactly what we’re going to be chatting about next week.

Please join FORMULA host Jason LaVanture for The FORMULA 22 ‘Must Love Blogs’ episode. If you’re already blogging this will be a must attend event and if you’re not yet blogging this is a do or die event for your business.

As you might have already noticed we are making some changes in the way we push blogs here at RTV and have also launched an outside blog on Active Rain which allows any RTV RAINMAKERS full…yes we said FULL access to submit their content any time they please.

You will then be able to post to the blog independently of RTV any time that you desire and know that your links are being followed by the search engines.

Don’t worry non RAINMAKERS!!  We will still post the content for you and link back to your site!

Please join us on Tuesday February 16th at 7:00 PM EST as we talk all about Blogging, Anchor Text, SEO, and the RTV Blog Submission process. Who knows we might event award you with a free tour at the end of the show. See you online soon!!

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