Are you currently on Active Rain? Are you grandfathered in as RAINMAKER status? Have you paid for your RAINMAKER status with a paying subscription to Active Rain? If you’re already at RAINMAKER status the word RAINMAKER will appear under your photo when you login and click on your profile. Assuming that you are, you will now be able to participate in the RTV Virtual Tour Provider Blog

To get things started with this new initiative please email jason(at) and let me know that you would like to participate. I will simply need your Active Rain username that you use to login with. Once I have that I will login to the PanoramaJack Active Rain blog and will send you an invite to become an author in the new Blog.You will then be able to post to the blog independently of RTV any time that you desire and know that your links are being followed by the search engines. You will be able to post to the blog by simply logging into your account, accepting the invite and pushing any existing blogs there or writing a new blog and checking the “Collaborative Outside Blog” box. At any time you will be able to log in and post your content and get the google juice flowing back to your site without waiting for RTV to get to your blog submission.

Better yet, let us know when you post to this new blog and we will copy your blog posting from there to the RTV Blog too for even more awesome Google Juice. Get on board now because the PanoramaJack blog has already started pumping!

Not a RAINMAKER? That’s perfectly fine because as you post send in your blogs to us for the blog we are automatically posting them to the blog too. Please keep in mind however that we are only posting one blog daily so if you notice a time lapse, that’s why. We’re not ignoring you but simply taking them in the order in which they come in.

If you’re a RAINMAKER on AR and a part of the RTV virtual tour photographer network please email me your Active Rain username NOW and I will send you an invite right away.RealTourVisionRTVVirtual Tour SoftwareOrder a virtual tour – 866-947-8687