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We were pleasantly surprised and tickled by yesterday’s RTV IMAGE webinar featuring world renowned Bryan Peterson as the guest speaker. To have him critique our photos was awe inspiring. Makes you want to go out there and practice your night shots! Check out our newest tour at KaMilo.  We spent a great amount of time waiting for the right shot and had to move fast. Once that sun goes down you only have a limited time to capture just the right “night” shot. Then that “Mr. Dusky Blue Sky” is gone until tomorrow.

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Night Photography what a great topic for The IMAGE.  Last night’s IMAGE was filled with some great suggestions and tips from an excellent photographer Brian Peterson. The team here at 360 Image Media offering Milwaukee Virtual Tours, really learned some great new ideas and tricks to make our night photography even better. We will also experiment with some of the tips learned and apply them to some low lighting and creative shoots we have coming up real soon. With this enhanced virtual tour photography knowledge we are also really looking forward to the launch of the new Full Screen HD virtual tours.

The artistic quality and creative feel of night photography has also prompted my team to create a new blog for posting RTV providers night shots. So for all you experienced pros and you new providers out there the blog address will be as follows  So start submitting your night shots and descriptions now and display your talents as well as increase your Google Juice. Submissions can be made to 360 Image Media Night Shot Blog by sending us an email.

Now for our second tidbit of information. We have recently stumbled upon a new way to increase your Google Juice and your page rank. What is it you ask?  BING.  Really you say how can BING improve my Google juice. Well we have recently discovered that signing up for the BING community so that we could improve our ranking within BING search engines, has also given us Google juice by having our BING community profile rank organically in the Google Search Engine. So fill out the profile and sign up for the Bing community now, so you can get even more exposure. Bing has had enough Google juice to occasionally get our profile on the first page of the Google results when searching for our Company Name.  So there it is BING increases Google Juice and helps you gain exposure. Also make sure you sign up for Bing webmaster tools and submit your site and setup there xml verification to get them crawling your site as well.

That’s all for now.
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            “As an Indianapolis Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker, RTV’s virtual tour software offers me a distinctive service differentiator. None of my local auction competitors have the ability to offer such a product. I mix it up a bit by providing 360° panorama virtual tours as value proposition which is always enjoyed by my varied client base.

           Bonham’s is affiliated with United County Auction Services – the largest national organization of auctioneers, holding auction licenses in 48 states. We work with Lawyers, Bank Asset Managers, People that are Downsizing, etc., to auction Commercial & Residential Real Estate and Personal Property. These clients all expect quality and timely service. Offering Indianapolis Virtual Tours and Real Estate Video Tips through Video Connector provides services and capabilities not offered by my competitors.

           Having been in the Auction and Real Estate business for 10 years, I know the importance of growth and business development through adding service capabilities and improving your personal & personnel skills. For personal development, I have attained my AARE auction real estate accreditation, will complete my CAI designation in 2 month. I sit in on various training webinars offered by RTV, the National Auctioneer Association, etc. For business development, we are always looking for better staff, newer technology and updated software. All of these things have helped us grow our business, make us more profitable and better serve the needs of our customers.

            Soon, I will extend my virtual tour service to new business sectors. In the past, my business services were offered just for my auction real estate. The business goal for 2010 is to offer 360° panorama virtual tours to area real estate brokerage firms, corporations and public business facilities. As a part of our growth plan, Bonham’s will have RTV prepare a dedicated website under the name: Circle City 360° Virtual Tours.

            Bonham’s associated with RTV about 14 months ago. It has been a positive relationship and a very good business decision for our auction business. Thanks RTV!”

Mark W. Bonham, AARE
Indianapolis Auctioneer & Virtual Tour Provider

 United Country – Bonham Auction & Realty

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Dear Jack,
During the RTV virtual tour webinar regarding the LifeLock system, Jason LaVanture mentioned a few steps to take if you thought you had spyware on your computer.  Could you please do me a HUGE favor and outline those steps?
Yours Truly,

Melissa my dear,

Thank you so much for your interest in keeping your computer running smoothly. There’s simply nothing worse than having a virus or spyware taking your valuable time away from you.  Let me run through what Jason (The Virtual Tour Guru) was talking about on the webinar and explain what he referred to as “Protocol”.

Before spyware does strike you down you should arm yourself by going to  and  and for the ATF cleaner.  These three programs should be installed on your computer and you should regularly get updates for them.
Should you ever feel that your computer is running slowly or that you’re infected you should immediately take the following protocol:

1. Update Malwarebytes and then unplug yourself from the Internet
2. Turn off System Restore (I know this is a scary thing to do but please trust me!)
3. Reboot your computer in safe mode with networking by pressing F8 during boot
4. Once logged into windows run the ATF cleaner and remove all
5. Run Malwarebytes and perform a full scan
6. Once scan is complete reboot your machine once again in safe mode
7. Run Malwarebytes again, check for updates (plug in briefly and then unplug), and run a full scan
8. Continue scanning and rebooting in safe mode until your scan comes up clean
9. Boot into regular windows, plug back into the Internet, update Malwarebytes again and run another full scan
10. If the scan comes up clean turn System Restore back on and consider yourself very LUCKY!
11. Good luck out there!

Print these directions off now and tuck them away somewhere.  Trust me, when you’ve got 1800 Virtual Tour Providers around the World you tend to deal with this on a daily basis!
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Attention RTV virtual tour providers:

I know that you’re all working very hard to setup your virtual staging program and we’ve just done something that will make your job much easier.  As you the virtual staging catalog is nearly 14 MB which is much too large to email your prospects.  RTV has uploaded an unbranded version of our virtual staging catalog that can be found here: RTV Virtual Home Staging Catalog.

Once you click on that link you will want to follow the steps below PRECISELY to add this catalog to your website just as we have done so below in this blog.

  1. Click here:
  2. Place your mouse over the ‘Twitter,Facebook,Share’ button and click
  3. Look for ‘Embed This Document’ and copy the embed code to your clipboard
  4. Embed the unbranded document into your website or blog.
  5. Start selling!

If you would like to see what this looks like on a finished website please take a moment and visit

Listing Solutions – St Augustine Virtual Staging

BlueLavaMedia – Traverse City Virtual Staging

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