We Love the IMAGE

I was pleased to participate in the Webinar last night, The IMAGE, about lighting and framing. Ben Knorr was extremely helpful with his tips about lighting and looking for artistic framing of our shots. As a new RTV provider who has not done any Tour Track jobs, knowing settings of the camera that others use for these Hotel/Hospitality tours is very helpful.

I enjoy learning something new from each of the webinars I listen to. I hope that my images quickly reflect that. The Faststone Image viewer seems very helpful as well. What a great piece of software to get for free. I might need an entire webinar on how to use it.

I think that RTV does a great job of keeping the virtual tour providers educated. New virtual tour technology and techniques are shared freely and that makes RTV a truly unique experience. Thanks for welcoming me into the RTV family.

Mary Jane Salopek
Pittsburgh Virtual Tours