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I have been involved in land development, on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) side, for over 20 years. When the economic downturn occurred, the land development industry slowed to a crawl, forcing many engineering firms to have layoffs. I was one of several thousand engineers in the industry who was affected by this.

One always has to be open and ready for change. Now was the time to be proactive. With the absolute belief that I am in control of my own success or failure in life, I began to make some changes. I had always wanted to start a business involving video, and photography. With 20 years of computer work and engineering under my belt, I wanted to incorporate that experience somehow and knew I wanted to do this with the help of a successful franchise. Thus began the search for a suitable partner.

Enter RTV (Real Tour Vision).

Jason LaVanture, the founder of RTV, answered all my questions thoroughly. RTV waited patiently with no pressure for many months for me to make an informed decision. After looking over all the information I chose to invest and become a full service virtual tour provider with RTV. They are the largest virtual tour company and property marketing network in the world. They have the best virtual tour software, property marketing training and technical support. They even hold many national and International contracts with hotel chains which feeds business back into the virtual tour provider network. How cool is that!!??

With Real Tour Vision servicing over sixty thousand real estate agents worldwide and over 1500 virtual tour providers in his network, Jason knows what services and functionality are needed on a local or national level. I am very excited to be moving forward in my new Harrison virtual tour business business venture, Virtual Tour Success, with RTV at my side. I can’t wait to be up in full force and to be providing my own clients with the best the industry has to offer in marketing and solutions to their problems.

The competition in the Real Estate Industry is fierce now. Quality virtual tours will give my clients the edge not only at the local level, but at the national and international levels.
To give your property the edge contact Virtual Tour Success today.

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