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Happy New Year from Koh Samui, Thailand Virtual Tours!

At JFK Enterprises, our main business is operating two pubs in Koh Samui, Thailand. But since I had a computing background (after spending more than 20 years in automatic identification solutions), I thought it would be good to continue providing some form of IT solutions.

We started with providing web hosting packages from Hostgator, one of the leading hosting providers in the industry. A few years ago we were introduced to Joomla, a content management system. After seeing the power of the solution, we decided to embrace it and include that into our offerings and hence, we started providing web site designing using Joomla.

We further branched into customization of another open platform system – vTiger, a CRM (customer relationship management). Of course, I continue to provide consultancy services in automatic identification solutions as that has been my expertise for over 20 years.

Over the past year we have seen and heard a lot about 360 virtual tours. John evaluated many different virtual tour solutions and finally decided that the solution provided by RTV was the best for us. One of the main reasons is because RTV does not just provide a 360 virtual tour that is embedded in the customer’s website. Rather, RTV provides a total package solution that is so different from all the other competitors that we see.

Since I am from the background of providing a solution, we both saw that the RTV solution is a good fit for the expansion of our business. Hence we signed up with RTV in September last year.
The information and guidance provided by Jason and his team has been great. We have enjoyed the webinars (especially those by Ben who is the host of The IMAGE a free photography webinar) as the information provided has been a great help to us.

Although it was difficult for us to wake up at 6am or 7am our time to catch the webinars (the difficulty is because we only get to bed after 3am when our pubs are closed), we always make a point to try and attend. In many cases, unfortunately, we are unable to and would just have to download the recorded version and view it.

Our first approach to launching this new venture was to offer a tourist guide site on Koh Samui. We thought we could offer a different way of viewing this beautiful island. Businesses in Koh Samui have been suffering badly due to the low number of tourists arrivals. Hence, we decided to create a street tour which we can include every business on a street as one scene. This way, we also help to reduce the cost of a tour to the business and yet are able to help promote the business.

We launched our web site, Koh Samui Virtual Tours, and our first 360 street virtual tour, Soi Green Mango on 1st November 2009. Within a month of our launch, we were impressed to see that our site is now in the top 10 of Google Search engine. We know that this is mainly due to the spider link technology provided by RTV.

Koh Samui (Koh in Thai means island) is a tourist island and our main efforts will be to promote the holiday resorts and rental villas on the island. We have made a reasonable start with a few orders, but cannot complete them until the middle of January because the beginning of December is the King of Thailand’s birthday and all the resorts install very large portraits’ of the King at the reception area and keep it there for two weeks and once it is taken down then up goes the Christmas decorations, so, our work will start in earnests from January. We continue to strive and look for new tours to add to our Thailand virtual tour business and we believe with the assistance of RTV we would be able to add a few more tours this month.

About John and myself:

I am a Malaysian Chinese from Penang and John is English, originating from Manchester. I met John while he was working in Malaysia as an electrical engineer and after a number of years we both decided to move to Thailand to the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Type ‘’Koh Samui” in any search engine and see what comes up. Pretty soon we will be #1 for Thailand Virtual Tours too!!

Judy Khoo
JFK Enterprises Co Ltd
Thailand Virtual Tours