A New Years Resolution

This year we decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions for our Corinth Virtual Tour Company. One of ours is to consciously schedule our work day. We recently spoke with a tourism magazine to determine what their advertising rates run. Part of our “pitch” to those advertisers will be a price comparison to again demonstrate how virtual tours are an excellent addition for an advertising budget. (The smallest ad, which is 1/6 of a page, runs $375 for one month, with lower rates as you increase the number of advertising months.) We plan on contacting advertisers in several of these high-end publications.

Another objective will be to “get past the gatekeeper”. For a number of weeks we have tried to speak with one potential customer, only to have the “gatekeeper” run interference. So, we spoke to another person who has immediate access and she has promised to speak with the future customer on our behalf. Moral of the story: networking and constantly getting your virtual tour and property marketing products mentioned brings results.

We also plan on “clustering” some of our virtual tour sales calls to neighboring communities. One day a week we will travel and have a schedule of potential contacts to cold-call.

One year from now, our next New Year’s resolution will be to sit back and take all of those incoming calls! Got to have dreams right?

Enjoyed this week’s webinar the IMAGE and got many helpful pointers–thanks Ben.
Happy New Year to one and all.

Hugh Jordan
Corinth Virtual Tour Company
Corinth, MS
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