Lean on Your Fellow Virtual Tour Provider

As an RTV Virtual Tour Provider you must take advantage of the fact that you’re part of a very large network of virtual tour providers. You’re not alone out there. When you find an RTV provider that you know is having success take some time and look at their location, their city, their pricing and packages. Then take a moment and subscribe to their newsletter, their blog feed and more. When you surround yourself with successful people you will have a tendency to find the same success. Furthermore, when you spend too much time in social networks exchanging ideas with providers who are not advancing their technology or services and just getting by, you’re more than likely to achieve the same level of success.

Our most successful virtual tour providers spend their days shooting virtual tours and working hard at rolling out new products and services. You should do the same. Before you copy and paste the text from a fellow RTV provider’s site be sure that you ask the provider and always try to edit or modify the text before using it on your own site. The same protocol applies if a fellow RTV provider sends out an amazing news release and you would like to use it in your market for your own set of customers.

Take some time now and visit some of the more successful RTV provider’s websites. Look for products and services that you might not be offering. Look for ways to sign up for their newsletters or blog feeds. There is great power in our numbers, especially when we mimic what our fellow successful RTV providers are doing.

Good luck out there!
Jason LaVanture
International MLS & Virtual Tours