Lake Leelanau in the Winter

All the families in Lake Leelanau County are finishing their Christmas shopping and doing all the great Leelanau activities like downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, cross country skiing, but not ice fishing and ice boating. It is too early for that. We don’t have the ice buildup yet. The Suttons Bay, Leland, Northport and Glen Arbor Villages are so unique with the decorations. In the morning when you wake up the fresh white snow on the trees. The fresh snow covers all the previous day’s mush. What a delight on to have Lake Leelanau real estate this time of the year!

As you may or may not know, people who live in Leelanau County and those who have a Lake Leelanau home right there on the water begin to hunker down for the long sleep of the land. Winter starts in earnest on December 21st and by this time of the year many people have had their snow blowers revered up and primed at least once or twice. They have made sure all of the windows have been caulked and some put up clear plastic to give extra protection to keep those heating bills down.

Our duvets for our beds are fluffed and ready with lots of warmth. We had a Charter Communications outage for telephone, internet and TV on Friday so we are making sure our entertainment is worked over as we spend more time watching movies, working on computers and talking on the phone. Of course, one of the most important downtime activities is reading good books.

When you live in Leelanau County one of your most frequent activities in the spring and fall will be garage sales. I did my share here this fall and ended up getting quite a few more books than I thought I would get. Needless to say I’m in full stock this year for good reading material. Also, Leland Library has been providing me with the Pulitzer Prize winning novels beginning in 1917.
I have read 9 so far and it is so fascinating to start with “His Family” by Earnest Poole, the first novel that won. It is about a widower and his relationships with his three daughters and it is still relevant today.

For those of you who are currently shopping for your Leelanau Home please be sure to visit my website. I do virtual tours of each and every listing so you will be very happy to be able to preview these homes before placing your phone call to me.

Happy New Year from Judy Levin here on Lake Leelanau.

Judy Levin
Lake Leelanau Homes